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Welcome to the Day 2 Day RP Website

We are a role playing community based around the Grand Theft Auto 5 mod, FiveM. Our servers are themed behind living life in the beautiful state of Hawaii. Want to join us? Click the button below!
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  • Welcome to Day 2 Day RolePlay! 


    We are a role playing community based around the Grand Theft Auto 5 mod, FiveM. Our servers are themed behind living life in the beautiful state of Hawaii.

    We run an ESX - economy based server. You pick the life you want to lead. Do you want to be an upstanding citizen that wants to work hard everyday and earn a decent living. Achieve the American dream and buy your own dream house and cars. Or do you want to live the street life? Always on the run from the cops and rival gang factions. Trying to make that big score to really set you apart from the other guys. Don’t forget those weapons either. There may be a few guys in town who are looking to hook you up for a reasonable price.

    Day 2 Day offers all that, including two active law enforcement departments. The Hawaii State Patrol and the State of Hawaii Sheriffs office. If law enforcement isn’t your preference we also have an amazing Fire/EMS department with active members. And yes we have fires in Hawaii!!! Do you have what it takes to hold the line against the worst Hawaii has to offer and progress through the ranks of the HSP or HSD.

    Are you looking to join us?


    We have almost any career path you could want. Want to sell homes to the fine people of Hawaii, apply to be a realtor. Want to sell cars for a living, the car dealership is always looking for suckers...I mean hardworking salespeople. Do you like cars and getting your hands greasy come on down to Rocket Wrench and talk to Brad and the boys about picking up some shifts there. Have you ever wanted to own your own convenience store, well now you can!! We also have cabbie jobs, truck driver, Kluckin Bell processors, and many more jobs available. Who know maybe the Lost, GS-15, Panic, or other gangs (or clubs) are looking for new recruits. I know Billy is always happy to meet new people.

    But be aware if you do get in trouble we have an active judicial system that won’t hesitate to send you “up the river”, If you get into to much trouble. I’ve heard the DA is quite a guy, but doesn’t put up with much BS. And don’t get us started on the judges.


    If this is something that interests you, give us a try.


    Check out the department pages for applications.


    Mahalo brothers!!!


    Our age limit 


    This community adheres to an age limit to help maintain our goals for operational success. Everyone age sixteen and up are allowed to submit an application and be eligible for membership in 

    Day 2 Day RolePlay


    Thank you


    We want to thank; you, our Staff, Administration, fans, and members of Day 2 Day RolePlay Community for taking the time to dedicate yourself to make and thrive our home, all while carrying us and yourself into the future.

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